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 The Pratt Family Dairy-free Cookbook

I have moved all the gluten-free products (including those that are also DAIRY-FREE) to: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Products.
Please go to that page to find those products.

NOTE: Always check for hidden dairy products ingredients. If you need to be really careful (due to really bad allergies, etc.), buy products with the Kosher symbol on them or really read the labels and know the hidden ingredient terms.

Kosher Symbols
I am no expert on these laws or a dairy-free diet, but just someone who avoids dairy products.  Products labeled Pareve or Parve, P (e.g. certain buns, dried fruits, etc.), a circle with a U (with no D or Dairy on it), and other Kosher symbols contain no dairy or meat according to the Rabbi's.  Some brands place a DE for dairy equipment.

To find more kosher symbols, go to Kosher Overseers Associates of America.  Some might have a really small small small amounts of dairy products in them but pass the kosher rules.  Also go to: OU.org: TO "D" OR NOT TO "D" to read more.  Some things, like jello pudding with have a "K" on them that is not circled, they are not kosher.  If you are really dairy sensitive, you might have a problem with some foods.  A "D" or "Dairy" on a label next to "K" or "U" indicates presence of milk protein.  It is either because it has milk in it or it  has been made on equipment that have had a milk product on it.  Some brands place a "DE" for "dairy equipment" like Baker's Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Squares (which is part of Kraft Foods).

Viewer Comments
From: Lori "I just wanted to point out that while for someone cutting dairy out of their diet, a kosher symbol with "Pareve" would probably be sufficient, for someone with severe milk allergy this may not be enough.  Kosher standards require that "pareve" (or meat) products not intentionally contain any dairy or derivatives, but minute particles are not a concern, and an occasional mishap that results in less than 1/60th part of dairy to the entire product will not affect the kosher status of the product."
If you want to find more about which foods have milk/meat in it, go to the following sites:
Kosher Overseers Associates of America
Kosher Symbols Google Search

OU.org: TO "D" OR NOT TO "D"

  • Any manufacturer can change the process of making foods.  If you want to be safe, call them (or visit their web site) to make sure it is still safe.
  • Always read the ingredients very carefully to see if there are hidden ingredients that you might not think are dairy products. Kosher symbols are generally a good thing to follow.
  • Caramel color and coloring in the United States is acceptable according to "Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network".  If you are still concerned, please contact the manufacturer.  They said caramel flavoring may contain milk.

  • Products to Watch Out For
    There are more products and information listed on the various foods that listed under Products.

    To find a list of foods that contain dairy go to: Identifying Dairy, About.com: Milk Allergies, Vegetarian Guide to Label Reading, Dairy or Nondairy? The Experts Speak.

    First Teeth Baby Toothpaste from Laclede, Inc. has "lactoperoxidase and lactoferrin" which are dairy derived.  Use Baby Orajel Tooth & Gum Cleanser instead.

    Non-dairy products like Cool Whip and CreamMate and store brands have a milk protein in them (casein).

    Foods and products like: buttered cooking sprays, graham crackers, graham cracker pie crusts, cookies, cakes, certain hams, breads, salad dressings (for salads) and Barbecue Sauces, etc. may have a milk protein in them so check if it has the Kosher label of "Pareve", "Parve", "U" without anything else on the label on these products.  Go to: Dairy-free & Lactose-free Products to read more about the Kosher laws.

    "Lactylate" and "lactate" are usually not dairy-derived so contact the manufacturers to see if their product is not dairy-derived.

    Brown Sugar is made from molasses and sugar or C&H is pure cane sugar. Always read labels to insure that the brand you purchase does not contain any additional flavorings which may contain gluten or casein.  So far, we haven't found any store brands that are coated.  C&H, Safeway, and Kroger are fine.  Call any of the other brands and/or stores to check if their brown sugar is dairy-free.

    Brown Sugar Recipe: Take 1 cup of white sugar and adding 2 tablespoons of mild molasses to it.  It works for main dishes and baked items except you have to decrease the liquid for cookies

    Links to Other Forms Of Dairy/Casein/Gluten
    about.com: Milk Allergy
    GFCF Diet
    GFCF Diet - Unacceptable Foods & Additives
    Children with Milk Allergies and other Food Allergies.

    Vegan and Vegetarian
    "Vegan" means someone that does not eat products with meat, dairy, eggs, and animal products.  They also do not use any products that have animal products in them.  Vegetarian lacto-ovo is a vegetarian diet that includes dairy products and eggs.So if you are looking for a "dairy-free" recipe, search for "vegan" or "vegetarian" and you will probably find something you might enjoy.  If you eat meat like we do, just add meat to the recipe.  Go to Recipe Links to find some vegan and vegetarian recipe web sites.

    Here is a list of foods that are dairy-free. 

    There are some manufactuers phone numbers listed in this list.  If you have any questions about products that might contain dairy, contact them.  Make sure you ask if any of the ingredients are dairy-derived or any cross-contamination and if they don't know, have them ask someone who knows.

    NOTE:  Always contact the manufactuers and/or stores to make sure their products are still dairy-free if it doesn't have a Kosher symbol on them.

    For example, Kroger might not have a Kosher symbol on some of their products, so you would have to check back often at their web site.

    Here are links to other foods that are dairy-free and gluten-free:
    Children With Milk Allergies: Dairy Free Products

    Bagels & Breads

    Various bread items are usually not acceptable to eat, unless it has a "K" and a "P" or "Pareve" but sometimes you or your child might not react to the bread items, so use your own judgement and experience when eating bread items that do not have a Kosher label on them.

    EarthGrains Hoggie Buns (for Sub sandwiches-not sure on the name) and maybe other products from EarthGrains.
    "The "K" stands for Kosher and the "P" stands for Paerve.  From our understanding Pareve does not stand for Passover, it means made without
    milk, meat or their derivatives."

    Lender's Bagels 1-800-432-3102 (I contacted them and they only make bagels.)

    I talked to BestFoods about "Oroweat" bread products.  1-800-356-3314.  The lady said they have high standards.  They clean off their equipment and it is down for 25 minutes and then inspected.  She said, "If their bread products do not have milk in them one time but to continue to check the ingredients each time you go to buy it." I have noticed in the store that Oroweat has the milk products listed in the ingredients in bold.  I called back with another question and another lady said, "The 'sodium stearoyl lactylate' in their bread products are not dairy-derived."

    Oroweat Country Potato Buns & Rolls
    Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread
    Old Country Sandwich White Bread from Oroweat Foods
    Oroweat Bagels
    There are other Oroweat breads that are dairy-free.  There are are also other breads and bagels in their Oroweat discount store that are dairy-free.

        Check the ingredients on the package each time you buy Oroweat bread products.

    Sara Lee Bagels 1-800-323-7117 9-4:30 CST (I contacted them and they said their bagels are made on separate lines than dairy products.)

    The Bagel Bunch (from Inter-American Products, Inc.) it has a "K and Pareve" on them.

    Kroger Breads & Buns (certain ones)
    This is the response I received from Kroger.  "There is no milk in any of our sandwich buns or in any of our breads unless specified on the label.  In addition, there is no whey in our breads.  None of the bread products violate Kosher rules but we can not claim that they are Kosher because they are not certified by a Rabbi."

    Einstein Brothers Bagels
    They e-mailed me back and stated that they are Kosher but are not certified.

    Always check for dairy products, whey, cheese, etc. in the Kroger brand and Einstein Brother Bagels.

    Bars, Cookies, and Brownies

    Daddy Ray's Fig Bars & Strawberry Bars
    Lady Stella Cookie Assortment
    Just Great! Fudge Brownies with Confetti and Fudge Brownies with Walnut (We found these at Greenbacks dollar store.)
    Sugar Kake Assorted Creme Wafers
    Wal-Mart Vanilla and Assorted Creme Wafers

    Beans: Pork and Beans & Refried

    Campbell's Pork & Beans
    Campbell's and their Pork & Beans never have dairy products in their "flavoring" or any other ingredients.  They said it would be listed if it had dairy in their ingredients.

    ConAgra: Van Camp's Pork and Beans in Tomato Sauce
    Rosarita Refried Beans and Other Products by ConAgra
    ConAgra, formally Hunt-Wesson, said the "natural flavors are spices and are not dairy-derived". They said if it has dairy in any of their products, it will be laid out in the ingredients and it will not be hidden.
    1-877-528-0745 (this is a toll free number)

    U.S. Mills Erewhon, New Morning, Farina Mills, Skinner's, Uncle Sam Cereal
    There are lots more, but make sure they don't have any dairy products in them or a "U" with a "D" on them.

    Cheeses, Cream Cheese, and Sour Cream
    Soymage Non-Dairy Vegan Products It is only the "DAIRY FREE".  Always look for the Kosher label in stores.
    I have never tried their products but this link was sent to me by a viewer.

    Chocolate Chips and Cocoa (I think all cocoa powders are dairy-free but double check for sure.)

    Condiments (Dressings, Mayonnaise, Salad Dressing, Mustard, and Ketchup)
    1000 Island, French, and Italian Dressings
    Albertson's, Hy-Top, IGA, and I think Safeway.  Check for the "U" (with no "D") on the front of the label.

    Make sure to double check each time you buy their product to see if it only has the "U" on their products.

    Cooking Spray & Butter Flavored Shortening

    The white vegetable shortening does not have dairy products in them.

    Warning: Butter Shortening and Butter Flavored Non-Stick Sprays
    Most (if not all) of the butter flavored shortenings and butter flavored non-stick sprays have a milk protein and/or lactose in them.

    There are a lot of cooking sprays that are "Pareve".  Look for them in your grocery store.
    According to, PAM Cooking Spray, the "butter flavor" PAM (which has a "U" and a "D") contains lactose.

    ConAgra Brands

    ConAgra, formally Hunt-Wesson, said the "natural flavors are spices and are not dairy-derived". They said if it has dairy in any of their products, it will be laid out in the ingredients and it will not be hidden.
    1-877-528-0745 (this is a toll free number)
    For example, these are some products by ConAgra: "Rosarita Refried Beans","Van Camp's Pork and Beans", etc.  These are not dairy-derived according to ConAgra.  I have these listed under "Beans".

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    Snack Crackers
    Best Yet
    Zips Party Crackers
    Wortz (I found these in the Greenbacks dollar store.)

    Saltine Crackers
    Zesta (at least two kinds-Original & Unsalted)
    Safeway Unsalted
    Albertson's Crackers

    Graham Crackers
    Wal-Mart Honey Grahams
    Kroger Original Grahams
    Wortz (I found these in the Greenbacks dollar store.)

    Gourmet Crackers
    Wortz (I found these in the Greenbacks dollar store.)

    Note: There are some other type of crackers at The 99¢ Stores.

    Always check for the "U and Pareve", etc. on these products.

    Dressing or Stuffings

    Mrs. Cubbisons

    Fish; Frozen
    Note: Always look for the Kosher label to see if it has a K, Pareve, Parve, without a D on the packaage or call the store or company to find out other fish are dairy-free.

    Van de Camps Seafood (Certain fish sticks, fillet, and non-breaded fish are dairy-free.)
    Albertson's Crunchy Golden Breaded Fish Sticks (It has a K on the label.)


    Canoleo Margarine It is only lactose-free, not dairy-free.
    I emailed the company and this is part of what they sent.

    "With the help of some parents of children who are allergic to dairy we discovered that our natural flavor contains a trace amount (less than 35 parts per million of the margarine) of distillate starter, a dairy derivative."  They are changing their label to be LACTOSE FREE in the next  printing.

    This is more what they sent me in another e-mail:
    "The milk derivative in the natural flavor is:  associated flavor constituents obtained from the starter distillation of specifically fermented dairy products.  What this means is:  They grow the bacteria in milk and the butter flavor is produced.  Then they take the fermented milk and distill it.  It is heated and becomes volatile and when it cools it becomes a liquid called a distillate (which is the ingredient in the natural flavor)."

    Milk Substitutes & Puddings

    Some milk product substitutes are rice and soy milk. Here are some recipes for soy and rice milk. It is best to buy pre-made milks because they are fortified.

    Note: Always look on the package for dairy-free "Kosher" symbols.

    Going Dairy-Free Diet by Laura Morton has some dairy-free substitutes.

    GFCF Diet: Milk Substitutes & Beverages
    Nondairy "Milk" Alternatives - Other Beverages

    Better Than Milk (Rice or  Soy) Vegan Beverage Mix (It makes 8 quarts.) From Fuller Life, Inc. (1-800-227-2320)
    Provamel Rice or Soy Drink (I've heard that this is good. I am presuming these are "Kosher" certified but you need to look on the package to make sure.)
    Imagine Foods Rice Dream, Soy Dream, and other products.  I don't like the rice milk (especially on cereal).
    Trader Joe's Basmati Rice Non Dairy Drink, Rice-Um, Soy-Um, etc. (Click on "Kosher" to see the beverages.)
    The Basmati Rice Drink is good on cereal.
    Vance's Foods - Dari-Free
    Westbrae Natural (Rice and Soy Beverages)  The rice beverage has pea protein in it.  It is not good on cereal.  I would only use it for cooking if I bought it again.
    Wild Oats Natural Marketplace
    Whole Foods 365 Organic Rice and Soy Beverages  It is lots cheaper than the name brands.
    Zen Don Soy Products Milk and puddings.

    Sauces and Barbeque Sauces

    Be aware of all salad dressings (used for green salads) and Barbeque Sauces.

    Heinz  This is what Heinz said "In any Heinz product,  "natural flavoring" "refers to herbs and spices that are derived solely from plant sources."

    Seasonings Mixes
    Most likely all seasoning mixes are not gluten-free because aireborne issues.

    Buena Comida Chicken Boullion I called Buena Comida and their chicken boullion (and maybe beef) now contains calcium casienate.

    Hy-Top Taco Seasoning from Federated Foods at 1-800-234-0011, ext. 344  It has "Pareve (dairy-free)" on the package.  "It is not gluten-free because it is made in the same area as products with gluten so there is an aireborn issue."

    Inter-American Products Chili Seasoning Mix and Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix do not contain dairy products in their "natural flavoring".  They said they clean off their machines after each product is made.  They are not gluten-free because of cross-contamin
    (1-800-697-2448 These are stores they distribute to: Kroger, Fry's, Fred Meyer, Smith's, and Ralphs.)

    McCormick/Schilling Beef Stew "There is no dairy products in our caramel color".  Their machines are cleaned off after each use.
    1-800-632-5847, 9:30AM and 5:00PM (EST), Monday through Friday.

    Whipped Toppings (Spray)

    Rod's Whipped Topping (I know you can buy it at Albertson's.  Look for for the "Pareve".)