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I have placed this on my education theme page since they not church approved sites (NCA) for Primary Sharing Time and maybe some FHE.

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Use these resources for Family Home Evening, Bible, Book of Mormon, Church History, Gospel Study, Primary Sharing Time, Primary Classes, etc.

The Activity Closet Flannel Board Stories from the Friend magazine.

If some of the church links don't work, go to to the below links to find them.
Primary Manuals
Gospel Library Archive
Gospel Art Picture Kit (Online) This includes a description for each picture.

Scriptures People Old Testament New Testament The Book of Mormon Church History Pearl of Great Price Articles of Faith

Flannel Board Stories

OT: 1998    NT: 1973     NT: 1999    B of M: 1992    B of M: 2000
Bible Theme Including coloring pages you can use for FHE.

Maps & Pictures
There are maps in some of the Primary Manuals.
Here are some I have found.
The Holy Land Map (Primary 2, Lesson 28)
World Map (Primary 2, Lesson 42)

Bible Maps
Photographs of Scriptural Sites (in the Bible)

Church History
Church History Maps
Photographs of Church History Sites

Fun Page: Scripture Color-by-Number
Funstuf: Scripture Road Signs
Gospel Library Archive: Curriculum - Home and Family Find children scripture stories online.
Gospel Library Archive There are some more in the "Friend".
Ponder, Pray, and Listen It has an activity you can make and put by your bed to remind you to do ponder, pray, and listen..
Heros Of The Scriptures (song)
Scripture Power (song)
Sharing Time: God Tells His Prophets Including a scripture mobile.
Sharing Time: I Believe the Scriptures Are the Word of God Flower bouquet with lines to write words from your favorite scripture.
Sharing Time: The Words of Christ “Scripture-Study Sam” and the small figures (scriptures)
Sharing Time: “This Is My Beloved Son” The panels tells about a time when Heavenly Father introduced his Son to men on earth.
Women in the Scriptures (crossword puzzle)
The Lord Will Watch Over Me Sheet music for these people: Daniel, David, Samuel, Shadrach, Jonah, Helaman, Noah’s family, you and me.

Read the Scriptures and Reading Includes scripture cookies.

His Servants the Prophets Flannel board Pictures: Alma the Younger; John the Beloved; Joseph Smith; Malachi; Enoch.

People: Scripture Figures
Boy in the scriptures, such as Isaac, Samuel, David, or a shepherd
Woman in the scriptures, such as Rebekah, Sarah, and Elisabeth
Woman or girl in the scriptures, such as Esther, one of the ten virgins, or a handmaiden
Man in the scriptures, such as Noah, Peter, or Lehi


The Old Testament
Old Testament Stories Includes colored pictures.
Primary 6

1998 Flannel Board Stories
His Servants the Prophets
Josiah - Believer in the Scriptures
Isaiah Prophesies of the Savior
Jonah and the People of Nineveh
Moses Teaches His People
Daniel Obeys the Lord
Joseph "Holds to the Iron Rod"
Abraham Covenants with the Lord
Esther Saves Her People
Enoch Builds Zion
The Creation- Each Day A Gift
Priceless Gifts

His Servants the Prophets 1998 Flannel Board Story

Old Testament Food (matching game)

Old Testament Stories - MSSS Bible Lessons Index
Scripture Stories

Abraham Covenants with the Lord 1998, Flannel board story.

See: Tower of Babel.

Sharing Time: Commandments About Moses & draw pictures of keeping certain commandments (You could put President Hinckey picture in there instead of President Hunter.)
Ten Commandments (A finger play) For younger children.
Funstuf:  Find a Commandment
fhe4children: The Ten Commandments You need to join to view it.

Read this book sometime the week before family home evening.
Leo Lion Paints it Red by Tom Eaton (Beginner Reader)

The Commandments, 112; Keep the Commandments, 146

Lesson & Game:
Before hand, on different pieces of paper, write the "Ten Commandments".  Tape them together.  Glue or tape craft sticks on the paper to divide each commandment.  Roll it up like a scroll and tie with ribbon or yarn.  Show this to your children.

Commandments Game:
On different pieces of paper, write the "Ten Commandments".  Hide one commandment at a time.  Sing the song, "Keep the Commandments" (getting louder as the child gets closer or softer as they get farther away).  Talk about that commandment.  Repeat this for all or most of the commandmetns (depending on the age of your children).

The Ten Commandments are in Exodus 20 in verses: 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

Name some of the commandments?  For younger children, just review some of the basics (especially, honour thy father and thy mother).  Talk to them about why we should keep the commandments.  Let's pretend we are driving down the road, hold onto the steering wheel. What sign do you see? (Stop sign, speed limit sign...)  Are you going to follow that sign? Why? Remember we read a book called, Leo Lion Paints it Red.  What did the lion do? (Made signs.)  Did the children do what the signs said? (Yes.)  This is what we should do when we see any sign.  If we keep the commandments, we will live with our Heavenly Father someday.

Make biscuits, sopaipillas, or sugar cookies.  (See recipes.) Don't put enough of flour in it (add it later).   They will soon discover some flour is missing in the recipe (add the missing flour).  Tell them we have to follow the recipe so it will not stick to our hands.  This is just like keeping the commandments that our Heavenly Father has given to us.  We need to follow them so we can live with him someday.

ST: "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (CS, 231) Including pictures to go with the song.
ST: I Live in a Beautiful World It has pictures to go with the song, My Heavenly Father Loves Me", (CS, 228).  It also has a poem, "My Five Senses"

For Little Friends: My Creation Book - March 2002
For Little Friends: When I Lived with My Heavenly Father Finish drawing the pictures to retell the story.
Funstuf: In the Beginning A crossword with a creation wheel.
The Creation- Each Day A Gift 1998, Flannel board story.
Gratitude for God's Creations  A covered wagon wheel.

Scripture Stories

Daniel Obeys the Lord 1998, Flannel Board Story

Daniel in the Lions' Den
Daniel and the Den of Lions (story)
The Lion and the Rabbi An Old Jewish Folktale
Lion's Den Match the lions to figure out the puzzle.
Scripture-Story Peekaboo Book Use "Daniel in the Lions' Den" as a picture
Track Down the Lion (maze)
Sharing Time: Divine Directions Use "Daniel in the Lion's Den".

Treat: Make one of the treats located at: Lion Theme: Home Economics.

Scripture Stories

David & Goliath
Scripture Connection: 1 Samuel 17
For Little Friends: David and Goliath
(with pictures to color)

Enoch Builds Zion 1998, Flannel board story.
Who Was This Prophet? - short game
Follow the Prophet: The Story of Enoch Flannel board story.

45: Esther, Old Testament Stories
Esther Saves Her People 1998, Flannel board story.

Jesus / Savior - 1998, Flannel board story.
Isaiah Prophesies of the Savior
Priceless Gifts

Jonah and the Whale
Jonah and the People of Nineveh 1998, Flannel board story.

Scripture Stories

Joseph "Holds to the Iron Rod" 1998, Flannel board story.

Josiah - Believer in the Scriptures 1998, Flannel board story.

Sharing Time: Commandments Including an activity to color.
Moses (Fill in the blank using the Bible)
Moses Teaches His People 1998, Flannel board story.
Baby Moses (Story for Little Friends & questions about the story)
Repentance Story (of Miriam): A Curse Is Removed
Reverence In Holy Places (talks about Moses)

Noah's Ark
For Little Friends: Noah and the Flood and Noah's Ark Friend, Oct. 2002 A picture story, stage scene and story. (You can see the picture through the window in the ark and animals.)
For Little Friends: Noah's Ark (fingerplay), Sandwich Creature, & Animal Jingles (game)
Make Marshmallow Animals.
Funstuf: Noah's Ark Letter Square Word search.
Funstuf: Animals Go to Sea Crossword Puzzle.

I Can Be Kind to Animals, Primary 1, lesson 35 (Noah)
Noah - Chapter 6: Old Testament Stories
Sharing Time: The Prophet Will Tell Us: The Prophet Noah

Noah's Rainbow Cake @
Rainbow Theme: Home Economics & Snacks - my site

Scripture Stories

Rebekah: Sharing Time: "Trust in the Lord" Includes a dot-to-dot.
For Little Friends: Rebekah at the Well 2002 Flannel-board figures to tell the story.

Tower of Babel: Genesis 11
The Tower of Babel, Old Testament Stories, 7
For Little Friends: We Cannot Climb to Heaven: The Tower of Babel Circle the correct answer to each question (there are pictures).
Funstuf: Tower of Babel Fill in the number blanks using the scriptures.
The Jaredites Leave Babel - Story from the Friend, April 1990

The New Testament
In the1988 Friend magazines, they have various "Scriptural Giants". (The Faith of Mary and Martha; and Gideon)

New Testament Stories @ Includes colored pictures.
Primary 7

1973 Flannel Board Stories
Friend to Friend: Feeding the Birds: Saul of Tarsus Aug. 1973

1999 - Flannel Board Stories
The Good Shepherd
Special Witnesses
Christ’s Life on Earth
Our Savior and Redeemer
The Good Samaritan
Remembering Jesus Christ (the sacrament)
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
The Baptism of Jesus Christ
Calling of the Twelve Apostles
Jesus Christ Heals a Blind Man
Saul's Conversion
Jesus Christ Will Come Again

Jesus Christ

Atonement  / Easter
ST: Savior and Redeemer April 1999 (Including a coloring page with Jesus holding a lamb/sheep and two are following him.)

Flannel Board Stories
The Atonement (Repentance) March 1989 Flannel board figures.
Flannel Board Color Page: "He Is Risen" Liahona 1978

Christmas / Nativity
Christ’s Life on Earth 1999, Flannel board story
For Little Friends: When Jesus Was Born Including scripture references.
See Christmas at FHE and Primary Sharing Time Idea Box for more church aboved resources.

Star Theme: Cookies - my site

Misc. Jesus Christ Activities (and Stories), Atonement, etc.
Becoming More Like Jesus Game
Craft: Jesus Was a Good Shephard Luke 15:4-7 This isn't a church approved site but it has a craft of two lambs that can be used for FHE (even if you put the story in your own words).
"Come unto Christ"
Jesus Christ's Atonement Is the Greatest Gift of Love Includes a word search and a crossword puzzle.
My Story of Jesus: March Part 2: April
ST:  I Believe That Jesus Will Come Again Picture of "Ten Virgins" and drops of oil.
ST: What Do I Know About Jesus Christ? Includes an activity of hidden objects in a picture of the storm on the Sea of Galilee.

Scripture Stories

Candle Under a Bushel
Scripture Stories

ST: Let Your Light Shine Including a game (puzzle).

The Good Samaritian
Funstuf: The Good Samaritian Fill in the blanks with the correct answer and use the pictures to retell the parable.
The Good Samaritan Flannel board story.

Wise & Foolish Man
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man  Flannel board story.

Scripture Stories

Ten Lepers are Healed
Scripture Stories

Ten Virgins
Sharing Time:  I Believe That Jesus Will Come Again Picture of "Ten Virgins" and drops of oil.

The Book of Mormon
In the1988 Friend magazines, they have various "Scriptural Giants". (Enos, Abish, Lamanite Woman of God, Gidgiddoni - Prophet and Commander, Teancum, Fighter for Freedom, Benjamin the Prophet King, Nephi - Man of Faith, Mormon, The Brother of Jared Saw the Finger of God.

Book of Mormon Stories @ Includes colored pictures.
Primary 4

The Book of Mormon The five plates to make a book.
Funstuf: Brass Plates Code

Book of Mormon Stories Song

For Little Friends: Christmas in the Americas  Finger puppets to go with parts of Heleman and 3 Nephi.

1992 - Flannel board stories
The Brother of Jared Sees Jesus
Lehi Obeys God
Nephi Obtains the Plates
ST: Nephi Builds a Ship
Jacob and Sherem
Alma Teaches and Baptizes
King Benjamin
Stripling Warriors
Captain Moroni
Samuel the Lamanite
Jesus Christ Comes to America
Moroni Writes of God's Marvelous Works
Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith (The First Vision and Receiving the Book of Mormon)
Flannel board figures.
Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon
Joseph Smith Asked Heavenly Father to Help Him Choose the Right
Color Page: Joseph Smith receives the golden plates from the Angel Moroni L: 1978

2000 - Flannel board figures.
Plain Words About Baptism: Why Is It Important for Me to Be Baptized? Flannel board story: Nephi writing on plates; Dead person meeting Christ in heaven; John the Baptist baptizing Jesus; Modern girl praying.
The Age of Accountability: Why Am I Baptized When I Am Eight Years Old?
The Resurrected Christ Teaches About Baptism: What Happens When I Am Baptized?
Covenants at the Waters of Mormon: What Do I Promise Heavenly Father When I Am Baptized?
The Nephite Disciples Baptize: What Does Heavenly Father Promise Me When I Am Baptized?
A Happy People: How Will the Holy Ghost Help Me to Keep My Baptismal Covenant?
The Nephites Learn of the Sacrament: How Does Partaking of the Sacrament Help Me Remember My Baptismal Covenants?
The Army of Helaman: How Can "My Gospel Standards" Help Me Keep My Baptismal Covenant?
Enos and the Power of Prayer: What Other Special Helps Has Heavenly Father Given Me to Help Me Keep My Baptismal Covenants?
Ammon's Example: How Do I Show That I am Keeping My Baptismal Covenant?
Nephi Forgives: How Can We Help Each Other Keep Our Baptismal Covenants?
Moroni's Words to Us: How Will Keeping My Baptismal Covenant Help Me Follow Jesus Throughout My Life?

ST: Alma and Amulek Teach the Zoramites to Pray Flip chart of how to pray.

Ammon's Example: How Do I Show That I am Keeping My Baptismal Covenant? Flannel board story.

Anti-Nephi-Lehies/The Army of Helaman/Helaman's 2000 Stripling Warriors
Stripling Warriors Flannel board story.
Stripling Warriors Game
The Army of Helaman: How Can "My Gospel Standards" Help Me Keep My Baptismal Covenant? Flannel board story.
See Honesty.

Enos (about him)
Enos: Adapted from Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers
Enos and the Power of Prayer: What Other Special Helps Has Heavenly Father Given Me to Help Me Keep My Baptismal Covenants? Flannel board figures.
ST: Seek Guidance through Prayer Flannel board story.
Enos's Prayer: Adapted from Scripture Stories

Brother of Jared
The Brother of Jared Sees Jesus (stones) Flannel board story.
For Little Friends: Story of Faith: The Brother of Jared Including an activity.
Older Children: Scriptural Giants: The Brother of Jared

Jaredite Cards: Jaredite's journey to the Promised Land

Jesus Christ in America
Primary 4: Lesson 32 - Signs in America of Jesus Christ's Birth This includes pictures of: Angel, Shepherd's staff, Donkey, Star, Manger, Baby
Jesus Christ Comes to America Jan. 1992 Flannel board story.

Lehi Obeys God Flannel Board Story

Lehi's Dream
6: Lehi’s Dream, Book of Mormon Stories
Lehi's Dream, Friend Sept 1989 Including a larger picture for the last picture.
The Tree of Life; Primary 4, Lesson 4 Including visuals.
For Little Friends: The Wonderful Fruit Pictures of each item (including the meaning) in Lehi's dream and a story with the pictures in it.
ST: The Love of God Make a mobile.

5: Traveling in the Wilderness, Book of Mormon Stories
Compass of Faith Pictures of Lehi's Family (Lehi, Sariah, Laman, Lemuel, Sam and Nephi) and a Liahona Dot-to-Dot.
Keeping Promises Including pictures.

Scripture Stories

Scriptural Giants: Mormon and the Book of Mormon Storywith pictures for beginner readers.

Moroni Writes of God's Marvelous Works
Moroni's Words to Us: How Will Keeping My Baptismal Covenant Help Me Follow Jesus Throughout My Life?

Nephi Builds a Ship Flannel board story.
Nephi Forgives: How Can We Help Each Other Keep Our Baptismal Covenants?  Flannel board story.
Nephi Gets the Brass Plates (to go with 1 Nephi 3-4)
Nephi Obtains the Plates Flannel board story.

Alma 60
Captain Moroni and Pahoran: Chapter 35: Book of Mormon Stories
Captain Moroni and Pahoran: Friend Nov. 1994
King-men Versus Freemen

Samuel the Lamanite
For Little Friends: "Book of Mormon Stories" Coloring Page: Samuel the Lamanite
Funstuf: Samuel the Lamanite With pictures of the signs that would take place at the birth and death of Jesus Christ.
Samuel the Lamanite Flannel board story.

Title of Liberty
You can use this for the 4th of July / Independence Day.
Sing: My Flag, My Flag, CS 225
Talk about the symbolism of the flag.
You can do other activities on my web site: Flag Theme.

Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty
Funstuf: Title of Liberty
ST: Follow Righteous Leaders Flannel Board pictures

The Doctrine and Covenants and Church History

Doctrine and Covenants Stories @ Includes colored pictures.
Primary 5

Church Organization

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Was Organized Game with Pictures

Joseph Smith (The First Vision, Receiving the Book of Mormon, ...)
Joseph Smith (ST 2003)
Sharing Time: Joseph Smith-- Valiant Servant of God Coloring page
The First Vision (Shoe-Box Panorama)
ST Joseph Smith—Prophet of the Restoration and Jospeh in the Sacred Grove

Flannel Board Stories
Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon
Joseph Smith Asked Heavenly Father to Help Him Choose the Right

Peaceful Nauvoo (Including Restored Buildings and Sites Map, cut-outs of the town)

Word of Wisdom
Scriptures: Daniel 1:17 and D&C 89:18-20

"The Word of Wisdom" (CS, 154)
"The Lord Gave Me a Temple" (CS, 153)
"In Our Lovely Deseret" (Hymns, 307)

The Word of Wisdom Chapter 31 (February 1833)

Healthy Body Game
You can have your children go through food or drug store ads and have them cut out things that are good and bad for them or you can do it ahead of time if you like or you can use the pictures from For Little Friends: Daniel's Choice.  You can also go to The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Sequencing Activities * for more pictures.  (Use only one picture of each food item.)   If you want it for your files, laminate a copy for yourself (or put contact paper on it ).   In "Primary Partners B" it has a picture of a trash can and a picture of a boy's face.  There are a slit in both so you can but the good or bad foods in the correct place.  If you don't have Primary Partners B, you can go to boy pattern * and cut out the mouth so you can put the "good foods" in it.  You can use a small paper bag and put the "bad products or foods" in it. For the person face, I would make the slit big enough so it won't tear the paper (if you want your children to have there own copy) or when you laminate them or put clear contact paper on them, they will go through the slit.

Note: Above * are not church approved materials for "Primary Sharing Time" but I think they would be fine to use.  Ask your Stake Primary Presidency if you can use them.

How to Play the Game:
Have your children place the pictures into a small paper bag or on pieces of paper on the floor or table with the words "Good For Me" (and with a smiley face on it for younger children) on one and the other with the words "Bad For Me" (and a sad face on it for younger children).  For older children, ask them why it is good/bad for them.

Children through ages 11
For Little Friends: Daniel's Choice A coloring page of good and bad food or products for you.
Primary 3 Lesson 14 The Word of Wisdom
Sharing Time: Warning! Pictures to color.  You might have to tell younger children what the scriptures are about.
Sharing Time: A Temple Is the House of the Lord
Including a little booklet of the song "I Love to See the Temple" which you can explain that we need to be healthy and obey the word of wisdom (eat right) so we can go inside the temple when we are older.
Daniel Obeys the Lord Daniel would not eat foods that were bad for him.  Flannel board story.
Joseph Smith Receives a Revelation Includes an activity of hidden pictures of good foods.
Heroes and Heroines: David O. McKay: A Visit with the Queen Story.
Body Building (game)
Primary 5 Lesson 24 The School of the Prophets and the Word of Wisdom
The Word of Wisdom: The Principle and the Promises by President Boyd K. Packer  There are scriptures in this talk from General Conference.

fhe4children: Topic of the Week: Word of Wisdom (Part 1) and Part 2

The Pearl of Great Price
Doctrine and Covenants Stories, The Pearl of Great Price Chapter 38 Including how the Articles of Faith came about and The Articles of Faith.

Articles of Faith
Articles of Faith Matchup (game) Match the beginning of each article of faith with the correct ending part.
Joseph Smith Writes the Articles of Faith, Primary 5, lesson 36 Including pictures for each Article of Faith.
The Articles of Faith: 1-13
Look in any month of 1995 "Friend" at the Gospel Library Archives and you will find resources.
Funstuf: Word Search 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13
Funstuf: Articles of Faith Key Words
Cross Connections: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13
Articles of Faith Matchup
Sharing Time: I Believe in Heavenly Father's Plan13th article of faith suggest some good deeds we can do. On the next page is a picture-plan showing a good-deed path. As you follow God’s plan and do a good deed, write what you did on a sign.
ST: Respect the Law Including a poem and game for all the Articles of Faith
Sharing Time: The Articles of Faith This tells more about the Articles of Faith.  "My Articles of Faith Book"
Using the Articles of Faith (story) Share gospel with others.
ST: The  Gospel Is Restored March 2003

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