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These resources were gathered by the fhe4children group that can be used for family home evening, primary, homeschooling, etc. 
I have added some other resources to it too.

Pioneer Day is July 24 but you can use these resources anytime of the year.

Pioneer Resources

Other Resources

Scripture:  Doctrine & Covenants 136:7


Songs for Different Lessons:
Little Pioneer Children
by Virginia Maughan Kammeyer and Lynn Shurtleff
The Strength of a Pioneer
Pioneer Children

LDS Church Music
"Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked", Children's Songbook, page 214
"Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey", Children's Songbook, page 215
"Little Pioneer Children", Children's Songbook, page 216

Use Pioneer Days Ideas: Bookmarks for different songs you sing about pioneers.
The bookmarks go to these songs:
"Whenever I Think about Pioneers", Children's Songbook, page 222
One is of a handcart and the other is of a bonnet.
"The Handcart Song", Children's Songbook, page 220

Come, Come, Ye Saints, 1973
Come, Come, Ye Saints, 1983

I Can Be a Modern-Day Pioneer

The Pioneer Story
Pioneer Puzzle Game 2004

Young Children

Exploring: Children Pioneers (Story) by Fay McCracken
Use the song: "Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey", Children's Songbook, page 215

Pioneer Dolls A poem

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1
Sharing Time: Remembering the Pioneers
A diorama (or it can be used as a flannel board story) that can go with songs about pioneers in the Children's Songbook.

Exploring: Home Remedies
Scripture: Doctrine and Covenants 42:43

Sharing Time: William Clayton and "Come, Come, Ye Saints"

I Think of Pioneers Poem

Older Children

Lesson Idea
Modern Pioneers by Elder Dallin H. Oaks Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Ensign, Nov. 1989, 64

All Ages of Children

Contributed by: Lisa B.
For the lesson part we had families tell a story about one of their pioneer ancestors.
For the lesson, tell the kids that you are going on a "hike" and they can pick 1(or more) thing(s) to go with them, BUT they have to carry it. Give them some guidlines as to what it can be or cant be.  We cant take the tv cause there is no electricity, ect.  Make some suggestions as to what might come in handy, and have them ready for everyone, flashlights, snacks/dinner, coats ect.  Then go for a "hike".  You can either drive somewhere, or just walk around the neighborhood.  Pick a destination for your dinner/resting point.  When you stop ask the kids if they are tired etc., if they could continue walking.  Remind them that the children walked most of the day.  Talk about your experience, what things are important to them, make sure that Family is in that list.

Activities & Crafts

Wood Model Kit-Covered Wagon

Wood Model Kit-Covered Wagon

Wood Model Kit-Covered Wagon

Young Children
Sharing Time: Gratitude for God's Creations (fingerplay & picture wheel)

All Ages of Children
Exploring: Pioneer Games
Pioneer Puzzle Game (Board)

Three Legged Race
Button Spinner (The one link I had here previously was taken off the web but there is a version of the whirligig, using a button, that might be the same game.)
Stick Pulling: Joseph Smith as a Young Man @ (Go down to "Stick-pulling is a game ...")
Sack Race
Wheelbarrow Racing
Tug of War
Play Marbles
Horse Shoes
How to Make a Whirligig - 18th Century Toys

Contributed by: Amy H.
Button, Button Where's the button?

Contributed by: Lisa B.
Pin the nose on the Pioneer
Handcart Races Have your own race using two figures and putting them on strings.

Activities & Crafts:
Pioneer Cabin
Glue pretzels to a pint sized milk container.  Use construction paper to decorate it.

Links from the Friend Magazine @
Let's Have a Pioneer Party
Fun Page: Dot-to-Dot (1-154) Handcart being pushed by children
Funstuf: Mormon Pioneers Word search
Pioneer Covered Wagon Make a covered wagon
Pioneer Treasure Hunt
Pioneer Log Cabin Make out of pretzels, paper, icing, etc.

Other Links
Building a Covered Wagon -- version 2 @ Whitman Mission National Historic Site
Grandma Minnie's Sunbonnet
Learn how to make a corn husk doll @ Very Best Kids
Make a Handkerchief Doll!
Handkerchief doll directions From a book in 1882
Pioneer Days Ideas @ Christy's Primary Art Crafts, games and activities
Pioneers @

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Make a treat as an activity.

Pretzel Log Cabin
You can make a log cabin using lots of stick pretzels.  Eat some pretzels after you have built your log cabin.

Contributed by:  Lisa B.
For treats we did things like horehound candy, a taffy pull, and chocolate covered grasshoppers - chocolate covered raisins.

Horehound is a herb and it is used for colds.  The pioneers used this when they were sick.
Horehound Candy
Horehound Candy @ 1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook
Horehound Candy

Contributed by: Christy W.
Put cream in baby food jars and shake, shake, shake, until you get your own homemade butter!  When it's ready, serve on homemade bread (or rhodes bread, for those of us who like shortcuts!)

Treats from
Pioneer Easter Eggs
Pioneer Recipes
Buttermilk Doughnuts (enjoyed by President Brigham Young), Apple Candy, Bread and Milk, Old-Fashioned Muffins, Horseshoe Cookies, Johnnycake, Washboard Cookies, Toasted Spice Cake, Pioneer Hardtack
Pioneer Recipes
Mormon Johnnycake, Honey Candy, Pioneer Lettuce Salad, Rice in Cream, and Molasses Candy

Kitchen Krafts
Nauvoo Ginger Cookies, Johnnycake (A favorite dish of the Prophet Joseph Smith), Homemade Butter, and Old-Fashioned Pickles
Pioneer Days Ideas @ Christy's Primary Art

Homemade Ice Cream:
Mention to your children that the pioneers made ice cream but they used something else besides plastic bags.  They probably used a wooden ice cream maker and turned it by hand.

More recipes located at: Google Search: Zip lock Ice Cream.

Other Resources
Arizona Pioneer Mormon: David King Udall: His Story and His Family, 1851-1938
The Mormon Pioneer Trail
Pioneer Clothing for Handcart Trek
Pioneer Trek (Friend, July 1984, 24, 1847 with maps)
To the Last Frontier @ (A true story) By Sheryl Zimmerman Friend, July 2001, 28

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