Gratitude and Thanksgiving FHE Ideas

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These were compiled by members of fhe4children group.

Thanksgiving Song Friend, Nov. 1979

Luke 17:11-19; D&C 59:15-21; 1 Nephi 2:7; Mosiah 2:19; Mosiah 24:21; Alma 7:23; Alma 37:37; Mormon 9:31; D&C 46: 32 ; D&C 59:7, 62:7; D&C 78:19; D&C 98:1

Gratitude Family Home Evening Resource Book
Fiction: The Most Thankful Thank-you of All
Gratitude and Thanksgiving
ST: Be Grateful for the Sacrament  Pictures to go with Luke 22:19-20; 3 Nephi 18:6-11; D&C 59:9; D&C 20:75-79
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The Prophet's Counsel: The Six Bs

Thank-You Game Story
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Blessings of Every Color!

ST: Gratitude for the Scriptures

Gratitude and Appreciation, Lesson 42 YW#2
"Live in Thanksgiving Daily" Ensign
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Submitted by Shay

Opening Prayer:
Opening song: I am Glad for many things (childrens song book)
Scripture: Alma 34:38
1. Name some things you have WANTED and RECIEVED
2. Name some things you would like to do.
3. Name some things you have gotten to do
4. Name some things that could happen to you
5. Name some things that have happened to you.
Its amazing how life doesn't seem so tragic.
Now write 10 things you are grateful for.
Treat: a small birthday cake, celebrating everyone!!!
Closing prayer


Gratitude Game
(I can't remember who submitted this game.)

1. Tell everyone to think of an original blessing that they are especially
grateful for. Have them write it down.

2. After everyone has written their blessing down, pull out the dry erase
board (or a large pad of paper) and take turns having each person draw their
blessing. Everyone else must guess what the drawing depicts. (It's like

3. Make sure you don't tell them in the beginning that they'll be drawing,
because that will influence what they write down.

*You may wish to have small children draw their picture ahead of time.
*You may wish to use a timer and see whose picture gets identified the quickest.