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I Belong To The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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January: I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ
3 Nephi 26:21
“The Church of Jesus Christ” (CS, 77)

Heavenly Father loves and blesses us.  He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to be our Saviour
John  3:16
Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me: Primary 1, lesson 6
  Coloring picture: Jesus Is Our Friend
Jesus Christ Was Chosen to Be Our Savior: Primary 6, lesson 2

Jesus organized His Church.  He ordained others to the priesthood to act in His name.
Matthew 16:19
Jesus Christ Used His Priesthood Power to Bless Others: Primary 7, lesson 15
Priesthood (My Page)

The New Testament teaches us about Christ's Church.
Article of Faith 1:6
Jesus Christ Calls His Apostles: Primary 7, lesson 9
The Church of Jesus Christ In Former Times: Gospel Principles, chapter 16

When people began to change Jesus' teachings, many fell away from His Church (apostasy).  The Apostles were killed, and the Lord withdrew His priesthood authority.
Joseph Smith - History 1:19
D&C 1:15
The Apostasy and the Need for the Restoration of Jesus Christ's Church: Primary 5, lesson 2

Additional Resources:
Primary Sharing Time January 2003

Additional Friend resources: Sharing Time Idea #2, Mar. 1999, p. 43; "The Basics Have Not Changed," Sep. 1998, IFC. Ensign resources: "At the Summit of the Ages," Nov. 1999, pp. 72–74; " 'From the Beginning,' " Nov. 1993, pp. 18–20; "Apostasy, Restoration, and Lessons in Faith," Dec. 1995, pp. 25–31.

February: I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
D&C 115:4
"On a Golden Springtime" (CS, 88)

In the First Vision, Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  He learned that Christ's true Church would be restored.
Articles Faith 1, 6
Joseph Smith - History 1:7-20
Joseph Smith and the First Vision: Primary 5, lesson 1
Joseph Smith Asked Heavenly Father to Help Him Choose the Right Flannel board figures.

Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet.  He translated the Book of Mormon, which contains the fulness of the gospel.
Articles of Faith 8
D&C 124:125
Mormon abridges the plates, Moroni hides the plates, Moroni visits Joseph Smith, the gold plates, and Joseph gets the plates and translates the Book of Mormon.
The Coming Forth of The Book of Mormon: Primary 3, lesson 15
Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon Flannel board figures.
Sharing Time Ideas
The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ: title page to Book of Mormon; 2 Nephi 25:26
    Baptism: 3 Nephi 11:33; Matthew 3:13
    Charity: Moroni 7:47; 1 Corinthians 13:4
    Obedience: Alma 57:21; Ephesians 6:1
    Jesus is the Son of God: 3 Nephi 11:7; Matthew  3:17

The priesthood, ordiances, and doctrines were restored by heavenly messengers and revelation
Articles of Faith 5, 9
D&C 13:1
The Priesthood Was Restored: Primary 5, lesson 8
Important Ordinances Were Restored: Primary 5, lesson 12

We can make and keep covenants when we become members of the Church.
Sharing Time Ideas
    Waters of Mormon (baptism): Mosiah 18:8-10
    Sacrament: D&C 20:77,79
    Honor thy Father and Mother: Exodus 20:12
    Obedience: 1 Nephi 3:7
    Tithes: Malachi 3:10
    Keep Sabbath Day Holy: go to church and partake of the sacrament: D&C 59: 9-10, 16

Other Resources:
The Book of Mormon Teaches Me - Sheet Music

Additional Friend resources: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Was Organized," Apr. 2001, pp. 24–25; "A Sacred Promise," Mar. 2000, pp. 12–14; "I Can Keep My Covenant," Aug. 1999, pp. 44–46; "Priesthood Blessings," June 1995, pp. 36–37; "I Feel Reverent When I Read the Scriptures," Apr. 1992, pp. 12–13, 46. Ensign resources: "A Testimony of the Book of Mormon," Nov. 1999, pp. 69–71; "The Articles of Faith," May 1998, pp. 22–24.

March: I Know Who I Am

Psalm 82:6
"I Am A Child of God" (CS, 2)

I am a child of God and lived in heaven before I came to earth.
D&C 93:29, 76:24
Primary 2, lesson 3: I Am a Child of God

I am a child of God blessed with a divine nature.
3 Nephi 27:27
The Family: A Proclamation to the World, paragraphs 1-2
I Am a Child of God: Primary 1, lesson 1

I am a child of God.  He has given me spiritual gifts and talents.
Articles of Faith 7
D&C 46:11
Matthew 25:14-30
Parable of the Talents, Primary 7, lesson 26
The Talents, The New Testament Stories, Chapter 36, 99
The Talents, Chapter 48, Friend, Jan. 2003
Activity: Use 15 paper coins as visual aids to tell the story.
On other paper coins, write different songs about talents (things you can do).  Have the child choose one from a box or container.  Sing the song.
Moroni 10:8
"I Am Glad for Many Things" (CS, 151)
Write or draw pictures of a talent you can do on a heart-shaped piece of paper.
The Saints Are Taught Recognize Good and Evil: Primary 5, lesson 19
ST: I Have Talents, Friend, June 1989 Including finger puppets to go with the story.
For Little Friends: I Have Many Talents Game, Friend, Oct. 1999 Act out the talents written on a piece of paper.

- Make a number of paper coins.  Write different songs about talents (things you can do) from the Children's Songbook.  Have the child choose one from a box or container.  Sing the song.
- Ask the children what is something they do well (a talent)?
You can call some (or all) of the parents of the children in the Primary and ask them something that his/her does well.

A Parable for Today, Friend, Oct. 1976

I am a child of God.  I will serve my family and others.
Mosiah 2:17

I Can Follow Jesus Christ by Serving Others: Primary 2, lesson 39
Abraham and Lot:  Primary 6, lesson 10, enrichment activities

Additional Friend resources: "God's Power Within You," Jan. 2002, 2–3; "All About Me!" Jan. 2002, 13; "Lacy's Talent," Jan. 2002, 42–44; "Spiritual Power of Our Baptism," Mar. 2000, IFC; "Love at Home," June 1996, 44–45. Ensign resources: "Gifts of the Spirit," Feb. 2002, 12–20; "Them That Honour Me I Will Honour," May 2001, 45–47.

April: I Believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ
Matthew 16:16
Easter Hosana (CS, 68)

Jesus is the Savior of all mankind.  I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Articles of Faith 4
Mosiah 3:9
Moroni Teaches Faith in Jesus Christ: Primary 5, lesson 43
Faith in Jesus Christ, Primary 3, lesson 7

As I have faith, I want to repent and be baptized.
Mosiah 18:10
Primary 2, lesson 12: I Can Prepare for Baptism
Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah Repent, Primary 4, lesson 14
Repentance, Primary 3, lesson 10

I can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
2 Nephi 32:5
The Holy Ghost Helps Me: Primary 1, lesson 7
The Gift of the Holy Ghost Can Help Me: Primary 2, lesson 13
The Gift of the Holy Ghost, Primary 3, lesson 12

As I choose the right each day, I can return to Heavenly Father.
D&C 6:13
Dare to Choose the Right, Primary 2, lesson 14
The Commandments Help Us Choose the Right, Primary 3, lesson 3

May: The Prophets Speaks for the Savior. I Can Follow the Prophet Today.
D&C 1:38
"The Things I Do" (CS, 170)

Use general conference messages found in the Church magazines to teach that the Church on earth is led by a living prophet.  Help the children discover how they can apply the prophet's teachings in their lives and share his message with their families.

Different Prophets: Noah, Moses, Lehi, Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young

Noah's Ark
Noah and the Flood, Primary 6, lesson 8
Noah's Ark Resources (my site)

June: I Know God's Plan
Moses 1:39
"I Lived in Heaven" (CS, 4)

Jesus is my Savior.  Because of Him I can have eternal life.
Articles of Faith 3
The Book of Mormon Is a Witness of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter), Primary 4, lesson 45
The Gift of the Atonement (Easter), Primary 6, lesson 45

Heavenly Father and Jesus created the earth and all forms of life.  I can treat the earth and all living things with respect
3 Nephi 9:15
Heavenly Father’s Plan for Us, Primary 6, lesson 1
The Creation, Primary 6, lesson 3
Creation Resources (on my site)
Jesus Makes the Earth, Old Testament Stories, 2, page 9

Agency is a gift from Heavenly Father. As I choose between right and wrong, I am accountable.
Articles of Faith 2
Alma 34:32
I Can Make Right Choices, Primary 2, lesson 5

I have been sent to a family to learn to follow Jesus
1 Nephi 1:1
We Have Special Families, Primary 2, lesson 6
Our Parents Help Us Learn, Primary 3, lesson 28

Back to Months

July: I'll Follow Him in Faith
Galatians 3:26
"Lord, I Would Follow Thee" (Hymn, no. 220)

I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere.
Alma 34:19-27
I Can Speak with Heavenly Father in Prayer, Primary 2, lesson 10
Primary 4, lesson 37:  Jesus Christ Teaches the Nephites to Pray

I can receive answers to my prayers.
D&C 8:2
Prayers Are Answered in the Best Way, Primary 2, lesson 18
Primary 4, lesson 9: Enos Prays
Enos, The Book of Mormon Stories, Chapter 11, 30

I can learn  more about Jesus and His commandments as I read the scriptures.
2 Nephi 32:3
Heavenly Father and Jesus Gave Us the Scriptures, Primary 1, lesson 41
Josiah and Ezra Read the Scriptures to the People, Primary 6, lesson 37

As I follow Jesus, my faith grows.
2 Nephi 31:10
Come, Follow Me, Primary 2, lesson 15
Alma Teaches about Faith, Primary 4, lesson 22
Alma Teaches about Faith and the Word of God, Chapter 29, page 81

August: I'll Honor His Name
Mosiah 5:8
"Choose the Right Way" (CS, 160)

I take the name of Jesus  Christ upon me when I am baptized.
D&C 18;22, 20:37
King Benjamin Teaches His People, Primary 4, lesson 10
Alma Baptizes at the Waters of Mormon, Primary 4, lesson 12

When I take the sacrament, I renew my baptismal covenants: I promise to keep the Lord's commandments and always remember Him.
D&C 20:77, 79
Primary 3 lesson 32, Remembering Jesus Christ When We Take the Sacrament
Primary 3 lesson 33, The Sacrament Reminds Us of Our Covenants

I will use the names of Heavenly Father and Jesus reverently.
Exodus 10:7
Primary 3 lesson 43, Honoring the Names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

September: I'll Do What is Right
Good Samaritan, Primary 7, lesson 20 Luke 10:25-37
Good Samaritian Resources (my site)
The Good Samaritan, The New Testament Stories, Chapter 28, page 73

October: I'll Follow His Light
John 14:6

Jesus lights the way as my example (3 Nephi 18:16)

Jesus lights the way with His teachings (D&C 84:45-46)
Primary 7, lessons 10, 12

I will follow His light and be an example (3 Nephi 18:24)
Primary 1, lesson 36
Primary 2, lesson 29

As I follow His light, I am protected (Psalm 27:1)
Primary 4, lessons 25, 26

Scripture Stories
Scripture Stories - Jesus
Jesus' Baptism, Friend, Aug. 1991 (fingerplay)
Jesus Is Baptized, New Testament Stories, Chapter 9

Sermon on the Mount GAK: Matthew 5-7
The Sermon on the Mount, New Testament Stories, Chapter 16

Jesus Cleansing the Temple GAK: Matthew 21:12-15; John 2:13-16

Ten Lepers: GAK: Luke 17:11-19
The Ten Lepers, New Testament Stories, Chapter 30

Scriptures Stories: Jesus can be a protection
Daniel in the Lions' Den: GAK: Daniel 6
Daniel and the Lions’ Den, Old Testament Stories, Chapter 43

Alma and Amulek are imprisioned (Alma 14:14-29)
Alma’s Mission to Ammonihah, Book of Mormon Stories, Chapter 22

Esther (chapter headings in Esther)
Esther, Old Testament Stories, Chapter 45

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace (Daniel 3:8-30) they refused to worship the idol
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, Old Testament Stories, Chapter 42

November: Teachings of the Prophets
Amos 3:7

During this month help the children understand the blessings that come from obeying the prophet's counsel given at general conference.  Help them apply the messages in their lives and share his messages with their families.  (Choose scriptures, songs, and class manual references that reinforce the messages.)

Other Ideas:
Ways I can I obeying the Prophet. (Garden, etc.)
Pick your favorite General Conference talk and do a Sharing Time on it.

Other Resources
Latter-day Prophets

December: His Truth I Will Proclaim
Mosiah 18:9

What is a testimony? I can have a testimony of Jesus Christ, His gospel, and His Church.
D&C 76:22
Primary 4, lesson 33: The Savior Appears to the Nephites, 44: Moroni and the Book of Mormon Promise
Primary 5, lesson 46: Strengthening Our Testimonies of the Restored Gospel

I can share the gladness of the gospel with others.
D&C 84:62
Primary 2, lesson 11: I Can Tell Others about Jesus Christ
Primary 4, lesson 17: Ammon, a Great Servant

I can prepare to be a missionary now.
1 Timothy 4:12
Primary 3, lesson 25: I Can Be a Missonary
Primary 6, lesson 9: Jehovah Makes Covenants with Abraham

I am grateful for the Savior and the blessings of my membership in His Church.
Mosiah 2:41
Primary 1, lesson 42: I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Primary 3, lesson 21: We Receive Great Blessings as Members of Jesus Christ's Church

"I Want to Be a Missionary Now" (CS, 168)
"I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" (CS, 169)