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Recycling Books

Preschool Links

These links can be used for early elementary grades.

Recycling @ Perpetual Preschool

Recycling Games @ Everythingpreschool

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids
An electronic magazine for kids grades 4-8.  It also includes teacher resources and online activities.

Green Valley Recycling Coloring Book

Passaic County Office of Natural Resource Programs

MA DEP Recycling Kid's Page
Including activity sheets for K-12.

Recycling (Links)

Recycle Guys
Resources for teachers, games and activities, and more.

Recycling @ eThemes: Links

Recycling with Kids by Susan Solomon Yem @ Baby Zone

The Resourceful Schools Project - St. Louis, Mo.
Resources for teachers, games and activities, and more.
Online Activities
Earth Day Online Games: KD
Glass Recycling Game
Lawrence Recycling Game Site 
Much Cleans Up @ KD
Recycling Game @ the This game is tricky.  Click on the bell to start the game.  Use the arrow keys to place them into the correct container.
Recycling Games @ Resourceful Schools 
Roscoe's Recycle Room
Sliding Puzzle: Coconut Recycling
Squigly's Games: Earth Day
Trombone's Clean Up the Park @ Fun Brain
Which Bin Does It Go In?