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Body Activities: You can do this theme the first day that you begin to talk about your body.  The rest of the days, you can do: The Five Senses.  Talk about what each body part does and explore each body part.

Directions to make a One Sheet Book.  Glue the open flap of the cover/first page together.

Make a book about yourself.  Draw a picture of yourself, what you like to do, etc.

Human Body Thematic Unit

Human Body Thematic Unit Book or eBook

The Human Body Thematic Unit is based on the following pieces of literature: The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body, Through Grandpa's Eyes. This reproducible resource is filled with ready-to-use lessons and cross-curricular activities. Also included are management ideas, creative suggestions for the classroom, and a bibliography.

A Guide for Using The Magic School Bus(R) Inside
                the Human Body in the Classroom

A Guide for Using The Magic School Bus(R) Inside the Human Body in the Classroom Book or eBook

Looking for facts, diagrams, glossaries, ready-to-use lessons, and hands-on activities to teach some serious science in an atmosphere of fun? Use this resource book to supplement your Magic School Bus rides!

The Human Body

The Human Body Book or eBook

"Wow!" "Why did that happen?" "Can we do more?" These are the kinds of comments teachers hear when they use exciting adventures to introduce their students to the "magic" of science. All the activities are based on sound scientific principles that help youngsters develop scientific awareness and appreciation. Complete lessons and objectives are included in each book.

My Body

My Body Book or eBook

Describes body parts and their functions. Includes patterns for a life-size replica. This book has been a classroom favorite for years!

Body Banner

Body Banner

Get ready for an engaging interactive learning experience as you build a person from the inside out! Perfect for your science and multicultural area this easy-to-use hook and loop Body Banner teaches basic anatomy/body awareness and shows that we are all the same underneath our skin.

My Body Anatomy Model

My Body Anatomy Model

It's easy to discover the real inside story of the human anatomy with this realistic model.

The Human Body Pocket Chart Insert

The Human Body Pocket Chart Insert

When slipped inside The Ultimate Pocket Chart, each double-sided insert provides two different background images for interactive lessons. Each 36" x 33" insert comes with dozens of cards and a 2-page teacher's guide.

Muscles Chart

Muscles Chart

Convenient, useful learning tools decorate as they educate! Related lessons and activities are provided on the back of every chart. Measures 17" by 22".

Child-Size Human Body Charts (set of 2)

Child-Size Human Body Charts (set of 2)

These detailed figures each stand an incredible 50" tall. An effective teaching tool, detailing the skeletal system and internal organs. Includes a resource guide.

Human Body Flip Chart Book

Human Body Flip Chart Book

Clear plastic pages and 3-D images showcase the body's 6 systems, with important facts and terms on each page. 6 write-on/wipe-off pages for assessment. Spiral-bound. 12"L x 16"H. Grades 1+.

Real Stethoscope

Real Stethoscope

Use this quality instrument to listen to heartbeats breathing or stomach gurgling. A great way for teachers to demonstrate what a doctor does during a visit. This is not a toy.

My Body

Dem Bones by Bob Barner
From Head to Toe Board Book by Eric Carle
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins
Hidden World: Human Body (Scholastic First Discovery) by Claude Delafosse
Human Body: A First Discovery Book (Scholastic First Discovery) by Sylvaine Perols
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss
My Bodyworks: Songs About Your Bones, Muscles And More! (CD Included) by Jane & Steven Schoenberg
The Human Body (A First Discovery Book) by Sonia  Black
The Human Body (Scholastic First Discovery)

Search for Body Books

Have each child look in a mirror. Have them tell you what they see.
(If you are homeschooling or teaching in a religious school, ask the following: What has our Heavenly Father given us? He has also given us our body.)
What body parts do we have? For younger and older children, ask them what certain body parts (our legs, hands, etc.) can do.

Vocabulary and Foreign Language

Body Parts Vocabulary:
On an index card, make flashcards with words with different body parts.  On another index card, place pictures of different body parts on each.

Tips for Speaking Spanish
Go to: Spanish Flash Cards to hear some of these words pronounced.

Body Parts Vocabulary in English and Spanish
arm - brazo
back - espalda
elbow - codo
fingers - dedos
foot - pie
hand - mano
leg - pierna
neck - cuello
stomach - estómago
toes - dedos del pie
wrist - muñeca
lips - labios
hair - pelo
molar - molar
tooth - diente
teeth - dientes
tongue - lengua
head - cabeza
shoulder(s) - hombro(s)
knee(s) - rodilla(s)
toes - dedos del pie
eye(s) - ojo(s)
ear(s) - oreja(s)
mouth - boca
nose - nariz

English & Spanish: Volcabulary Lists, Flashcards and Online Puzzles: Body Parts

Spanish & French Body Parts Coloring Pages @ Kiddies Games

Hassle Free Clip Body Parts

Body Theme

Body Arts & Crafts

Giant Person Shapes - 24 Pieces

Giant Person Shapes - 24 Pieces

These extra sturdy white cardstock shapes are HUGE! Coloring is easy for little ones; a great All About me activity starter. 12 x 7 3/4

Jumbo Finger Paint Paper Kids 35L - Set of 12

Jumbo Finger Paint Paper Kids 35L - Set of 12

What a great classroom display -- near life-size self-portraits! These finger paint paper cut-outs are great with Colorations Finger PaintTempera or BioColor. After painting with fingers or brushes add embellishments like construction paper glitter feathers and foam for even more fun. 12 finger paint paper cut-outs per set each 18W x 35H.

More Ideas at: All About Me and Feelings Themes
Draw a picture of yourself.  (If you use paint, cut out a small "C" sponge for the mouth, circles for the checks, ears, and use the cotton swap for the eyes or even the mouth.)
Make hand and/or finger prints using paint.

Body Crafts
- Use a body pattern (it doesn't have fingers) or color a boy or girl coloring page. You can label the body parts in English and Spanish.
- You can use this movable boy or girl doll to show the different body parts.  It has on it, "My body is special because Heavenly Father made it like His!"
- Use butcher paper and have someone trace you.  Decorate it to look like you.

Frost gingerbread man shaped sugar cookies. Frost and decorate it.

If You're Happy and You Know It
Hokey Pokey
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Songs
London Bridge

Learn different body parts in Spanish and you can sing it with the above songs.
See vocabulary.

Body Science Activities
Balance - Balance on one leg.  Walk across the room and balance a bean bag, book, etc. on your head.
Blow - Blow a feather across the floor or table.
Bounce, roll, or toss a ball.
Breeze - Feel the breeze on a windy day.
Bubbles - Blow bubbles.  See the colors in the bubbles and try to pop them with your nose, hands, elbow, etc.
Bubble Water - Place an empty juice or water container under water and watch the bubbles.
Feel: Feel rain on your body.

Body Physical Education Activities
March in a straight line, circle, walking backwards, a square, etc.
Balance - Balance on one leg.  Walk across the room and balance a bean bag, book, etc. on your head
Balloon Toss
Hot Balloon: Play this like you would "Hot Potato" except use a balloon.  Toss the balloon to another person and try to keep the balloon from falling on the ground
Bean Bag Toss - Toss it through a hole or to someone else
Bowl using plastic bowling set or a small ball and empty juice containers
Balance on one leg
Jump up and down

Busy Body Cards

Busy Body Cards

Keep little bodies busy. Set of 16 activity cards can be used to focus on specific skills or develop routines to stimulate promote gross motor movement and posture. Also enhances concentration and language development. Ages 3 years and up.

Get 642-357 demos for MB2-866 and 642-731 exam with 100% guaranteed success.Our best quality SY0-201 prepares you well before appearing in the final exams of 642-983.

Foot Theme

Foot Books / Feet Books

How Big Is a Foot? by Rolf Myller
The Foot Book (The Bright and Early Books for Beginning Beginners) by Dr. Seuss
The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss's Wacky Book of Opposites by Dr. Seuss

Book Ideas for How Many Feet In The Bed? by Diane Hamm

Arts & Crafts
Foot Craft
Trace your foot on a piece of paper or paper bag.  Decorate it.

Use a ruler and measure objects that are a foot (12 inches) or longer.
Use your feet and measure objects are the house (or classroom).

Hands Theme
Beads and Lacing
Craft Materials (glitter, collage, Nuudles, etc.)

Hand Books

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (Bright & Early Board Books by Al Perkins

Eency, Weency Spider (or Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Arts & Crafts:
Make handprints using kids paint or stamp pads.

Colorations Classic Colors Jumbo Washable Stamp
                Pads - Set of 6

Colorations Classic Colors Jumbo Washable Stamp Pads - Set of 6

Give our super-size stamp pads a hand! They're designed extra big for little hands! The washable ink makes them perfect for creating hand and fingerprints. Also great for use with our Stamping Sticks and Easy-Grip Stampers or any rubber stamp.

(Note: Always be careful with stamps around clothes since it might not wash out.)

Use your hands to make a puppet using your favorite animal or out of a letter Hh animal.

LDS Church Music: "I Have Two Little Hands"; page 272, "My Hands"; page 273, "Roll Your Hands"; page 274

Play with playdough,goop, etc.

Cooking: Make pretzels.

Happy Hands Foam Shapes - Set of 150

Happy Hands Foam Shapes - Set of 150

You'll hear the applause for these fantastic foam hands. Use for nametags desk signs and crafting projects. Each hand shape is 4 7/8H x 4 1/2W.

Assorted Colors Crayola Model Magic Classpack

Assorted Colors Crayola Model Magic Classpack

Hours of creative crafting. It's so easy for little hands to shape and sculpt - they'll love creating bowls animals buildings cutouts figures and much more. Every 1 oz. package is perfect for a single project. Crayola Model Magic is non-sticking non-staining and non-crumbling. It's perfect for take-home/science projects and dioramas. Includes a leaflet of classroom ideas.

Neon Crayola Model Magic Modeling Clay - 2 lbs.

Neon Crayola Model Magic Modeling Clay - 2 lbs.

No fuss no mess lightweight air drying material. Soft and pliant for easy manipulation. Dries in 24 hours to a firm consistency without kiln firing or baking. Decorate using tempera paint acrylic paint glossy enamels or markers. 2 lb. tub is resealable. Does not contain latex.

White Crayola Model Magic Modeling Clay- 2-lbs.

White Crayola Model Magic Modeling Clay- 2-lbs.

No fuss no mess lightweight air-drying modeling material. Soft pliable non-toxic and lightweight for easy manipulation.

Crayola Model Magic Value Pack - 6 lbs.

Crayola Model Magic Value Pack - 6 lbs.

The perfect way to create school projects in 3D! Versatile Model Magic comes in handy 8-oz. freshness pouches. Keep this unique modeling material fresh and pliable with just the right amount for each child.

Naturals Crayola Model Magic

Naturals Crayola Model Magic

No fuss no mess lightweight air-drying modeling material. Soft and pliant for easy manipulation. Dries in 24 hours to a firm consistency without kiln firing or baking. Decorate using tempera paint acrylic paint glossy enamels or markers. Choose white primary neon and new Naturals Model Magic in 2 lb. resealable tubs (4 pouches). Or choose the value-pack 6 lb. box (12 pouches) of white Model Magic. Does not contain latex.


Cross - Section Eye Model

Eye Anatomy @ St. and Eye Information A to Z
Illuminations Lesson Plan PreK-2 Math Including a simple eye worksheet / activity sheet to color the color of his/her eyes.
Keystone Blind Association The Amazing Eye, Optical Illusions, and more.  Under "Twinkle & Eyenstein's Wise Eye Web", there are resources for teachers (The Braille Alphabet, A Guide Dog Team mazes, A Guide Dog Coloring Page, Optical Illusions, and Origami Guide Dog Puppy), and coloring pages.



Body Printables
Clip Art Collection for Foreign Language Instruction (body parts)
Crayola Activity Book: Human Body (You need to become a member to view the printouts.)
Food Pyramid, Human: blood, cell, eye, heart, organs, and skeleton.
Games to Print: Body Games, etc.
Printables & Worksheets @ A to Z Teacher Stuff Body Organs Unit and Body Book

Misc. Links

My Body: The Inside Story (Grade 2)
Daily Themes @ Perpetual Preschool: Body Parts
Primary 1: I Am a Child of God has different lessons (including activities) you can use for the body.

Online Body Activities / Online Body Games
Online Food Activities
The Amazing Body
Bones Exhibit - Children's Museum
Food Art
Let's Make Breakfast

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