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Polar Animal Books

Polar Adventures - 15 Pieces

Polar Adventures - 15 Pieces

Take an arctic adventure with this 15-piece set of polar animals and figures including penguins seals igloo sled and more!

Medium Polar Animals - Set of 8

Medium Polar Animals - Set of 8

Detailed set of polar animals is great for use with sand and water tables or a themed unit. Includes:

Arctic and Antarctica Links
Alaska Antarctica Penguins Unit It also has "track and sign info".
Icebergs & Antarctica and Arctic
NOAA Phoo Library Search for "arctic animals", "antarctica animals", etc.

The Antarctica
Penguin Theme

Virtual Field Trips & Resources
Antarctica Field Trip @ Tramline Trailhead, teacher resources, and field trip (photos, information, etc.)

Antarctica Printables Theme Units: Antarctica
Antarctic Animal Printouts @ EnchantedLearning

Blubber Glove

Antarctica Links
Ocean Theme: Albatross
Penguin Theme
Arctic Animals of Alaska Activity Explore the Arctic region of Alaska (includin photos).
Penguins, seals and sealions, killer whale (orca).

The Arctic

Arctic Books

Floating Arctic Foam Blocks - Set of 39

Floating Arctic Foam Blocks - Set of 39

Build your own polar ice cap with this colorful arctic block set. Super-thick lightweight foam pieces float on water- perfect for use with sand and water tables. Includes 2 icebergs a variety of animals (mothers and babies) and shapes.

Bird Theme You might find other birds on this page.

Artic Studies Center - The National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian Institution Including animals, people, etc.
Animals Include:
Birds: Albatross, Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Ptarmigan, Puffin, Snowy Owl
Mammals: Arctic Fox, Caribou & Reindeer,  Lemming, Musk Ox
Sea Mammals: Beluga Whale, Orca, Polar Bear, Sea Otter, Seal, Walrus

Inuit / Eskimos
The Inuit are Eskimo people that live in North America, Alaska, Greenland, and Canada.
MW Dictionary - Inuit/Eskimo
Living Traditions: Museum Honour the North American Indigenous Games

Arctic Printables
abcteach: Habitats - Arctic
Arctic Animal Printouts @ EnchantedLearning

Alaska Animals
Arctic Animals of Alaska
Everything Alaska - Buck Coloring Page
Hinterland Who's Who

Arctic Birds

Albatross / Gooney Bird
Gooney Bird Does a Faceplant Movie
INNOVA Coloring Pages
Midway Atoll - Laysan Albatross Goony Birds
Smithsonian Magazine: Video Gallery
Smithsonian Journeys: Where the Gooney Birds Are

Arctic Studies Center: Puffin
Bird Themed Coloring Pages: Puffin @
First-School Animal Coloring Pages - Birds
INNOVA Coloring Pages
Project Puffin and the Seabird Restoration Program of the National Audubon Society Including photos, movies, facts, and more. - Coloring Book: Birds

Snowy Owl
Bird Themed Coloring Pages @ Snowy Owl
Canku Ota - Coloring Book: Snowy Owl
The Arctic: Snowy Owl

Arctic Animals

Arctic Fox

The Arctic: The Arctic Fox

Arctic Hare
The Arctic: The Arctic Hare

Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf Printout @ EnchantedLearning

Caribou (Reindeer)
Caribou Printout @ EnchantedLearning
e-Nature: Reindeer (Caribou)
The Arctic: Caribou

Gray Wolf (Timber Wolf)
Gray Wolf Printout @ EnchantedLearning
Kids's Only Section @ Timber Wolf Information Learn more about wolves, activities, books.)
Timber Wolf - Google Images

Online Wolf Activities
The Winter Wolf: The Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle @ Timber Wolf Information

Crayola Activity Book: Narwhal
You need to become a member (it's free) to view the printout.
The Arctic: Narwhal

Polar Bear

International Polar Bear Day is always on February 27th.

Search for Polar Bear Books at


Arctic Refuge Wildlife @ U.S. Fish &  Wildlife Service 
Arctic Theme Page - Education @ NOAA
Arctic Wildlife
Gates Of The Arctic National Park & Preserves
Images from North Greenland @ Arctic Art Sales
Journey North Caribou Spring 2002 Including a map of the arctic region
Pictures of Svalbard Lots of great pictures of animals, polar bear prints in the snow, icebergs, the water, and more
The Arctic - Large Animals Sounds and information.  (Polar bear, Arctic wolf, hairy musk ox, and a baby seal)
The Arctic - Small Animals
The Bear Facts - Polar Bear Hibernation
Tundra Animals - Arctic