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MBGnet: What's It Like Where You Live? (Biomes of the World, Freshwater Ecosytems, Marine Ecosystems) New 2/6/2012
The World's Biomes: University of California Museum of Paleontology
Biome/Habitat Animal Printout @ Enchanted Learning

There are six major types of biomes: desert, forest, freshwater, grassland, marine, and tundra.

Desert Biome consists of: Hot and Dry, Semiarid, Coastal, and Cold.
Forest Biome consists of: Tropical, Temperate, and Boreal Forests (Taiga)
Freshwater Biome consists of: Ponds and Lakes, Streams and Rivers, and Wetlands.
Grassland Biome consists of: Tropical Grasslands or Savannas, and Temperate Grasslands
Marine Biome consists of: Oceans, Coral Reefs, and Estuaries.
Tundra Biome consists of: Artic Tundra, and Alpine Tundra

Biome Books

Package - What Is a Biome? - CD + PB Book (Look, Listen, Learn)

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Janice VanCleave's Science Around the World: Activities on Biomes from Pole to Pole

Desert Biome

Polar: Antarctic Frozen Desert

Desert Animal Printouts @ EnchantedLearning
Sonaran Desert Kids
Sonoran Desert Kids - Pages to print & Color Aplomado Falcon; Bald Eagle; Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl; Chiricahua Leopard frog; Desert Pupfish; Gila Chub; Gila Topminnow; Huachuca Water Umbel; Jaguar; Jaguarundi; Kearney's Blue Star; Lesser Long Nosed Bat; Masked Bobwhite; Mexican Gray Wolf; Mexican Spotted Owl; Mountain Plover; Ocelot; Sonoran Pronghorn; Southwestern Willow Flycatcher;  Sonoyta Mud Turtle

Forest Biome
Forest Theme & Rainforest Theme

Grassland Biome
Includes:  (1.) Tropical and subtropical grasslands, (2.) Temperate grasslands, (3.) Flooded grasslands, (4.) Montane grasslands, (5.) Tundra grasslands, and (6.) Desert and xeric grasslands
Grasslands - Wikipedia

African Animals

Grassland Animal Printouts @ EnchantedLearning

Freshwater Biome
Wetlands: Marsh / Swamp

America's Wetlands - US EPA

Marine Biome
Ocean Theme

Tundra Biome
Polar: Arctic