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Age Level(s): Toddler - 3rd Grade
Subject(s): Music, & Art (Food)

1. Talk about the different feelings we have. For example, being happy, sad, angry, surprised, etc.
-If the children are younger, show them each feeling. If they are older, have them show you their feelings.

2. Sing the song "If You're Happy".
You can find the words and music at If You're Happy and You Know It.
-Do the actions stated in the song and make up your own actions. For example, clap your hands, stomp your feet, row your hands, touch your nose, etc.
-Have the children do the motions with you.

3. Sing the song "Smile" or sing "If You're Happy" one more time.
Use the one located at I Have Feelings, Primary 1, lesson 21 @ lds.org (on the bottom of the page), Clipart and Coloring Pages - Happy/Sad Face Art, or make your own. You can print or make one for each child at home and have them color it.  If it is for school, make one for yourself and use it while the song is sung.

You can hear the music at: LDS Church Music @ lds.org.

4. Decorate round Sugar Cookies or Dairy-free Sugar Cookies or you can purchase them.  Have the children frost the cookies with frosting of you choice. Have them decorate their own smiley face cookies or whatever feeling face they want by using raisins, chocolate chips, string licorice, gum drops, etc.  Another option is to make Happy Face Soft Drop Cookies.  You can have your children help you put the raisins or chocolate chips on them if you are  homeschooling or have access to a kitchen.

Note: If you are making the cookies at home, have the children help you make them.


Make Feeling Sandwiches.  Take a piece of bread and place a slice or so of lunch meat on it.  Spread some Cheese Whiz or cheese in a can over the meat.  Have the children decorate their sandwich how they would like with raisins, olives, pickles, shredded carrots, or whatever else.

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