Five Little Frogs

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Grade Level(s): K- 3

Subject(s): Math and Music

Anticipated Time To Complete The Lesson: 30 - 40 minutes

Note: For younger children, use 1-4.

1.  Song: "Five Little Frogs"

Five Little Speckled Frogs or Five Little Frogs: MP3 Download (See above)

Five Speckled Frogs Felt Set

Five Speckled Frogs Felt Set

Teach beginning counting and number recognition with this charming felt board set. Includes 11 felt pieces and lesson/activity guide with bilingual rhymes and activities.

Five Speckled Frogs early learning fingerplay set - Kit
make one of your own using frog images and a log

2.  Book: Ribbit!, Ribbit! (Puffy Board Books).  Grosset & Dunlap; ISBN: 0448418282.

3. 5 Green Speckled Frog Number Activity Booklet from

4.  Make a "Frog Paper Plate Puppet" located at

5.  Coloring pages for Five Speckled Frog (pdf) @ Underfive It has the frog(s), the word "frog", and the number of frog(s) for each verse.

6.  Math Worksheet with 10 to 15 addition and subtraction problems.

7.  Calculators or round paper or plastic chips, pennies or other small objects to count with.


The purpose of this lesson is help students understand the need sing and learn to appreciate music.

Another part of this lesson is to help students use concepts in math. This lesson will help the children to use a calculator to figure out certain math problems that are given to them on a worksheet.

Note: If you do not have enough calculators or if the students do not know how to use a calculator yet, give small objects to count with.

Objectives: At the end of this lesson, the students will:

2. Act out the song.
3. Sing a song by rote.
4. Define the concept of repetition in music.
5. Understand how to use a calculator or small objects to calculate addition and subtraction problems.

1.  Anticipatory Set: Hold the frog paper plate puppet in your hand and have it jump and land on your lap. What kind of animal is this? What sound does it make? (Have the students make the sound with you.) How does a frog get around? Where does he live? I know a song about a frog and several of his friend.

2. Teaching the Song

-Sing the entire song for the children.

Five Green
Ask the following questions:

(a.) How many frogs were there in the beginning of the song? (5.)

(b.) What happened to each frog? (They jumped into the pool to get nice and cool.)

-Sing each line of the song and ask the children to repeat after you.

-Sing two lines together and have the children echo you.

-Sing the entire first verse and ask the children to repeat after you.

Ask the following question: How many frogs are there in the song?

Have the students count to five.

-Show the children the frog booklet and have the students sing the song with you. Place the frog in the pond as the children sing, "One jumped into the pool..."  You can also use the book to teach another version of the song.

3. Math Worksheet

Have the students get into groups of three. Give each group a calculator or small objects.

Hand each child a frog worksheet that has addition and subtraction problems on it.

Allow the students time to complete the worksheet.

Let the students know they can help each other finish the worksheet.

4.  Closure: We have learned many things today in class. What have we learned? Yes, we learned a song about five frogs. After that, have the children sing the song with you again so they understand the importance to use math and music together. Lastly, have five students volunteer to be the frogs that jumped into the pool, as the class sings the song.

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